Selection process


The description of all job aspects is a key point for the process success. It is very important to define carefully and together with the company the following subjects:

  • Main functions
  • Members in the team and professional relationship with other departments
  • Specific skills and knowledge for the workplace
  • Experience required
  • Short-medium-long term professional projection in the company
  • Training required
  • Other main aspects for the workplace: such as aptitudes and attitude


AS Consulting activates all specific recruitment sources to capture as many suitable candidates as possible, to fill the workplace. In every new process, we spread all sources in order to reach a larger and more updated number of candidates. This level of specialization, customization and dedication in every single process allows us to be present in many areas where we can find candidates in active job research. The long experience in the area makes us have a large database and extensive knowledge of a large number of candidates. We always activate the maximum number of recruitment sources to attract the maximum number of candidates and select the most appropriate and best suited candidates for the job vacancy.


The first pre-selection is important to filter all candidates taken at the recruitment stage. We rely on a careful curriculum review and the first interview by phone or skype helps us to choose the best candidates that will be part of the next step, the in-depth interview.

The in-depth interview is important to analyze candidate aptitudes/attitude, knowing his/her workplace motivation and found his/her adaptation in the new position, team and company. We review the professional career of the candidate and deepen professional or motivational aspects that we consider appropriate to better understand its relevance for the workplace.


The interview is complemented by specific psychological tests (according to the job position). The test to be used is defined by our specialists according to the characteristics of the workplace and the aspects that will be measured and analyzed. Its interpretation will complement and/or enhance the value of the personal interview.

Each job is unique, each company, each working group, the environment ... every single aspect related to each job position makes it unique. Everything influences the job functions development, and being aware of all these points are important to identify the most adaptable person in this workplace.


Reports of finalists can be completed with professional references provided by the candidates themselves (recommendation letters or phone numbers of previous jobs managers) and provide important additional information on the finalists presentation.


Once we have completed all phases of the services described above and analyzed in depth all candidates, we prepare individual reports of best candidates suitable for the job position. The report contains CV information, the assessment of the competency interview and professional references, psychological interpretation of tests and general, professional and objective summary of the best candidates.


AS Consulting advices and intermediates between the candidate and the company at the time of the incorporation agreement, facilitating communication between both parties. Our success starts when the person joins the company and fits well in this workplace and the team, being both successful for the company and the candidate. We reaffirm our commitment to the company with 6 months warranty offering a substitution process at no cost (except recruitment expenses) if the employee does not remain in the company during this time interval.