Recruitment services

AS Consulting is an HR consultant company specialized in personnel selection processes for job vacancies in different levels and sectors of specialization.

We focus our recruitment process searching the most suitable candidate to cover vacant positions.

AS Consulting works our projects in a confidential and accurate way. Our success is not only to identify the best person for a particular job, but the person who is well suited to this new position, the team and the company, providing added value in a long relationship.

AS Consulting carries out selection processes for various profiles, both in Spain and abroad. Thanks to new technologies, selection processes can be developed for any position in Catalonia, Spain and abroad as well. Thanks to our long experience and knowledge of the Barcelona market AS Consulting is a reliable Human Resources Consultant in our area specialized in recruitment services.

The first step of our personnel selection process is to define the competence profile and know deeply the workplace details in relation with the team and the company. We activate specialist recruitment sources according to each process in parallel work with our database of candidates. Our fully result oriented methodology marks a clear line of work for the research of ideal candidates for each position, company and environment. The in-depth interview is a key aspect to assess the potential suitability of the candidate to the job.
According to the job profile, we complete the process with different psychological tests, a technical support that complements, enhances and contrasts with the personal interview.
Candidates reports are presented to the company collecting the competence information from the interview, motivation and interpretation of psychological testing, as well as professional references that the candidate provides after authorization.

We comply with the terms agreed with the client, adjusting to the customer needs … We reaffirm our commitment to the company with 6 months warranty offering a substitution process at no cost (except recruitment expenses) if the employee does not remain in the company during this time interval.

You can obtain more information in the SELECTION PROCESS .