HR Consultant

Enthusiasm, seriousness, business logic, confidence, initiative, common sense work, confidentiality and professional ethic are the principles that govern from the beginning our daily AS Consulting activity and contribute to the goals of your company.

We offer our services as a human resources consultant valuing the human capital as the distinguishing feature that provides added value to your business. Current global market demands increasingly the best professionals in every workplace, team and organization. We focus our effort, our extensive experience and professionalism in the area of human resources, helping our clients make strategic decisions aimed at business success

We work to achieve the best team for your company offering all kinds of services in the Human Resources field: implementing processes for analysis and assessment of job positions, performance evaluation studies, competency management, work climate and organizational studies, evaluation and selection of people.

A constantly evolving job market requires a high level of skills and competencies in many fields. Our methodology in our services, analyzes and works both purely technical aspects and attitude of each individual key aspects, to ensure maximum success and viability of any business project.

Languages and new technologies are important issues in today's world caused by globalization and high internationalization of companies. Our services can be made entirely in English and/or French. AS Consulting wants to be aware of all latest technologies, used in the business world, basic tools in the daily work and the corresponding productivity.

Our location in Manresa, the capital of Bages (strategic industrial place in the middle of Barcelona/Catalonia), our knowledge of the business in the area and the extensive database of candidates gained over 10 years of experience, makes our proposal of Human Resource Services perfect for your businesses in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain.